6 Reasons to Call a Professional for Pet Urine Removal

If you own a pet, you’ve likely experienced the unfortunate event of urine on the carpet or the floor. Pets cannot exactly tell us when they need to go to the bathroom and accidents will happen. It is a nightmare and one that you shouldn’t ignore. It takes more than simply cleaning it up with a towel. There are many dangers of pet urine when it is not professionally cleaned from your flooring. Read below to learn six reasons to call and schedule a pet urine removal portland professional.

pet urine removal portland

1.    Costs to hire a professional for this service vary, however, free quote make it easy to compare and get rates that you’re comfortable paying.

2.    Ammonia is a common smell in both cat and dog urine. It is a known lung irritant. It can make your lungs feel like they’re burning and can also cause other problems with the health, including a weakened immune system and skin irritation. Children are especially at-risk for trouble due to ammonia exposure.

3.    Professional urine removal specialists ensure that the urine is completely removed so your floors are not ruined. Pet urine can certainly ruin floors quickly.

4.    Urine has other dangers aside from ammonia. Pet urine carries many types of bacteria that may affect you or your babies that are playing on the floor.  Professionals take away those worries.

5.    If you don’t call a professional, that urine may leave a stain behind, even when you think that you’ve cleaned it well. Pet urine is one of the most difficult things you will ever try to remove. Don’t attempt to do it yourself.

6.    You gain peace of mind and assurance when professionals come to the home to clean the carpets. You know the floor is cleaned and that the urine is gone. You need and deserve this confidence and peace of mind.