Wood So Much Better Than Plastic For Horse Jump

It is official. Horse jumps and horse jump cups are now made of wood. Well, previously, they were always made of wood. But like all other things in life, the world literally turned to plastic. Today, it has become so severe that you may as well say that this world is made of plastic. Plastic, as is well-known today, is a non-renewable material most of the time and remains one of the worst pollutants around.

horse jump cups

You only need to see say the state your oceans and rivers are in. And do not be surprised when you come across many a disgruntled farming neighbor who is saddled with picking vast amounts of plastic rubbish from his perimeter fencing. This is no willy nilly disgruntlement. It is actually quite serious. Just think of the damage that neglected plastic is doing to the farmers’ livestock and crops. And think how this negatively impacts on your food production which, ironically, is still being wrapped heavily in plastic.

Thankfully, word is getting around. People are beginning to see the value of going organic. No plastic is used in the making and distribution of organic stocks. Well, to be honest at least, as far as reasonably possible. But just how far can humanity go. Pretty far, if you have faith. Just think, the more people that road about on horses, the less cars there would be on the road. Maybe the Mormons knew a thing or two about the dying planet, all wrapped up and choked up in plastic as it turns out.

Now that wood is being utilized again, horses are at far less risk of severe injuries during their practice jumps, training exercises and showjumping events. And the wooden jumps do look rather pretty in any case.