Hippotherapy – a big word for a great idea

Hippo is the Greek word for horse. Having explained that, the word hippotherapy now becomes immediately clear. But what takes place in horse therapy san juan capistrano ca? Therapy is not limited to a clinical setting. There is a time and a place for clinical therapy of course.

But there are other occasions where therapy can take place in an alternate context. One where something which is all encompassing like being around horses, takes the pressure off the therapy and allows the therapeutic benefits to be achieved without stress.

The idea is that the therapy takes place in the context of something else. From the patient point of view, it is an opportunity to engage in something else. From their perspective, the ability to do something which under other circumstances would be problematic is enough in itself.

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From the therapists perspective, having something else to focus on takes the attention to something positive and helps them create a relationship with the patient which would probably be impossible in a clinical setting.

Hippotherapy started in Europe where therapist believed the horse’s movement helped with patients with neuromuscular disorders such as cerebral palsy or a brain image. Now the range of issues where it can be seen to help includes occupational therapy and speech and language development.

Hippotherapy is different from therapeutic riding. This is a situation where people with disabilities are able to learn to ride. Hippotherapy is not about the riding per se, it is about what can happen when the interaction between the horse and patient are together. Therapeutic riding is all about the riding. The goal is the riding.

In hippotherapy, the child is left free to communicate with the horse, something that might be much easier than communicating with people.