No Need To Get In & Out Of Your Van To Open The Gate

And as a small-scale farmer or smallholding owner, there is no need to reach out on the front passenger seat of your truck, scratching around in your toolbox for a nifty tool to help you open that old rusty gate of yours. And you will not even need a handheld torch either. Yes, it gets pretty dark out your way and you’re heavily reliant on the bright light that your truck’s LED lamps bring you. Because you are so far away from everything, you might want to hang around here for just a few more minutes.

rural gate openers

Once you’ve finished your short spurt of reading here, you can head straight to the service sight that is going to be providing you with your much required rural gate openers. Once you’ve given its specifications another quick read-through, you’ll be just about ready to make your purchase order. And then it’s just a matter of waiting for that fast and furious courier van to get to your farm or smallholding.

Now, why would you never have to leave your van to open your gate once you’ve installed these gate openers to your farm gates? Well, here’s how it works then. You don’t need electricity to power it up with. It runs very well with batteries. It’s a matter of your own nifty handiwork that gets the gate opener installed to your gate. It’s a portable, lightweight device alright. And here’s why you never need to hop out of your van to open the gate.

As you approach the gate, slowly, while you’re driving, you just give your gate a gentle nudge with the front bumper of your vehicle, and, hey presto, it opens automatically!