Personalized Dog Collars For Those Who Love Them

It can be Thanksgiving or Christmas. It can be the Festival of Lights, or it can be the Happy New Year or ‘Eid. All in keeping with whichever cultural or religious affiliation that is an important facet of your life. There is one aspect of these festivals that all and sundry seem to enjoy the most. It is that time of the afternoon or evening when everyone is gathered together to offer up and receive their gifts. But sitting in the corner, wagging its tail in happiness, is little Jack Horner.

Or faithful old Sally who has been with the family all these years, through thick and thin. Gee whiz, not even a nice clean bone. Oh, shame. Never mind Jack. Never mind Sally. Let’s talk quickly to your folks about this. Well, folks, what do you think? Is it not true that the dog is one of the most important members of your family? When it is time to hand out those gifts, why don’t you give him or her one too.

You can bet your bottom dollar that he or she will be wagging his or her tail even more wildly by the time you carefully fasten one of those braided dog collars around his or her neck. But no, not for Fido. Yum, yum, bubble gum. Fido is one of those chaps who would much prefer a juicy bone to gnaw on all day. Only, he’s getting on in his dog years. And you’ve got to make sure his ticker carries on working good and proper for a few more dog years.

braided dog collars

So, for Fido, you give him a toy bone to chew on instead. He is none the wiser, and what do you know, it’s time for his nap again.